Spy on my partner WhatsApp: You may have encountered a situation in your’s or someone else’s life and you want to determine your loyalty to others. This is why people increasingly need to know how to monitor their partners without their knowledge. If you want to know the overall situation of your partner and the people you talk to, the most effective way is to monitor their phone. 

WhatsApp is the most popular and most used instant messaging app in the world. Facebook-owned WhatsApp has more than two billion users globally. It is one of the safest modes of communication because of its high privacy due to end-to-end encryption. So there is a high probability that your partner use it. And what better way to spy on someone than to have access to all their communication with people directly to your palms. 

Spy on my partner WhatsApp

Before we start discussing the various methods to spy on your partner’s WhatsApp, here are things that can warrant you to spy on your partner in the first place;

The main reason men or women want to spy on their partner’s Whatsapp is to check if they are cheating on them or betraying the relationship shared in any way. 

Since there are no definitive signs that your partner is cheating, you will want to check their gadgets to avoid any guesswork that may affect your relationship. However, there are subtle signs that can prove a point about your partner’s infidelity.

How to spy on my partner WhatsApp

  1. They get continuously irritated by you and your actions.
  2. They have become judgmental of you.
  3. They no longer have a sexual interest in you.
  4. Their schedule suddenly becomes unpredictable, and you can no longer comprehend the way they do things.
  5. They always get busy on their phone and always don’t want you to get near them.
  6. They no longer open up and confide in you, and you are experiencing a wide communication gap.

If any of the above sounds like your relationship, you may not want to take a chance but save your marriage. And that’s why you need to know how to spy on your partner’s WhatsApp without touching it for free. If you really are invested in spying on your partner it is advised you go beyond WhatsApp and spy on their entire mobile phone and maybe laptop or PC.

spy on my partner WhatsApp

How to spy on your partner WhatsApp

  • Shoulder Spoofing: this is the traditional spy method that has been in use since forever. Shoulder spoofing is when you lurk on your partner’s phone when there are operating it to gain access to information that they are not willing to share, this might be their passwords, messenger, Whatsapp or any other thing you want to know about them but won’t share. The demerit of shoulder spoofing is the low success rate, only a few have been able to master the art of not getting caught in the process of shoulder spoofing.
  • Use spy apps: you can install spy apps on your partner’s phone to monitor their phone activities from all their messengers including WhatApps to their live location. There are lots of apps you can download, different spy apps for different reasons some act as GPS trackers, some monitors phone calls and text messages, Remote listening, auto camera and many more. The major problem with spy apps is getting a reliable one, most spy apps are fake and just want to lure you into purchasing the paid version of the app. Another issue with spy apps is that they promise a whole lot of features and can do only a little. Examples of spy apps include Mspy, uMobix, Clevguard, Hoverwatch, Flexispy, MobileSpy, Spyera, Quosodio, Highkey Monitor and many more, all these apps are available to download on the internet. 
  • Hire a hacker: The best option out there is to hire a hacker to spy on your partner’s entire phone WhatsApp included. Hackers are tech-savvy enough to manipulate themselves into your partner phone remotely. There can go as far as being able to access your partner’s browser history, control phone remotely, install and uninstall various malware. Hiring a hacker is like hiring a private investigator to monitor your partner’s whereabouts. You know your matter will be of most importance and you will be kindly attended to.

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